Raw material

Naturinga has the privilege of having more than 16000 hectares in Moamba, Mozambique.

Moringa plantation is based on an organic sustainable and agriculture, ensuring the quality of excellence of its products.
The raw material from the plant has Organic Certification. The whole plant is edible and with different applications.

Its potential goes beyond its high nutritional and therapeutic value, reaching several industries, including the cosmetic industry.

Moringa oleifera cut leaves

Moringa oleifera cut leaves or Moringa oleifera tea is an excellent energy boost and very nutritious. It is one of the most antioxidant drinks that will complement an healthy lifestyle, toning body and mind.

Moringa oleifera leaf powder

Moringa oleifera leaf powder is an incredible source of therapeutic benefits. The leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals and natural compounds responsible for balancing the body.
Moringa oleifera powder can be added to soups, juices, smoothies, salads, and can be used as a food condiment, thereby increasing the nutritional value of foods.

Moringa oleifera cake

Moringa cake is a source of vegetable protein, containing all the amino acids, including the essential amino acids.
It is consumed mostly by athletes and vegetarians (individuals with  special protein needs or non-animal sources).
Moringa cake has been used for many centuries for water purification, having the precipitation capacity of bacteria and heavy metals.

Shells of Moringa oleifera seeds

Shells of Moringa oleifera seeds are also used by cosmetic industry, as an excellent exfoliating, ensuring effectiveness in removing the dead skin cells, helps fighting acne, cleans the skin, leaving it uniform and ready to receive hydration.

Moringa oleifera oil

Moringa oleifera oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the plant and is the latest bet in the cosmetics industry.
With hydrating and antioxidant properties, it also has other nutritional characteristics such as its high protein content, vitamins A and C, as well as high concentrations of mineral salts and fatty acids, essential for skin, nails and healthy hair.